Rome is the capital of Italy and is one of the most visited cities in the world with a bustle of millions of tourists who reach the metropolis for the holidays. Inside the municipal territory there is the Vatican, the seat of the Catholic Church and home of the Pope, which became an independent state in 1929, following the Lateran Pacts. In the Vatican you can admire the largest dome in the world, that of St. Peter’s Basilica. But Rome is not only Vatican. You can admire the impressive monuments of Ancient and Modern Rome :

  • The Roman Forum – the main square of the Ancient Rome where you can see many ruins of basilicas, temples, shops and markets.
  • The Colosseum – one of the new seven wonders of the world, built in 70-72 a.D. and famous for its shows like gladiatorial fights, animal hunts, naval battles…
  • Trevi Fountain: It was built by Nicolò Salvi in 1973 and was soon transformed into an unmissable place for any tourist passing through Rome. Tradition has it that by approaching the fountain the visitor has to throw two coins, the first wishing to return to Rome, the second hoping that what is most desired will come true.

and much more!

You don’t need an excuse to visit this magnificent city.