This country boasts a long history, more than 3 thousand years. Italy is an open-air museum: every city, every village and alley show the unique aspects of this land. It is impossible to see this country once, but your travel plan will depend a lot on how much time you have available. If you have chosen to stay in Italy for two weeks, you can think of combining several regions of this nation, such as the Veneto, Tuscany or Lazio and Campania. In fact if you avoid the regions at the extreme north and south, nothing is so far away in Italy: Florence is only 300 kilometers far from Rome, 200 are the kilometers that separate Venice and Florence. Italy is full of cultural and natural treasures, the peninsula has the largest number of protected sites in the world (39 are considered “Heritage”) dating back to many different historical periods and characterized by an extraordinary variety. You couldn’t ask for better and don’t forget to taste the Italian cuisine.